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Have you ever seen a sign that says "JERKY AHEAD" "FREE SAMPLES" while driving in Austin on 360?
If so, you might be a little persuaded to stop and try some mouth watering jerky. 

A few minutes later you’ll see a bright yellow sign, a canopy, and pickup truck. 

Now you crave the distinctive flavors that please your taste buds, and rough, but essential, texture that pleases the desire. You feel the need to stop and taste the delectable samples.

Commonly known in the Westlake area as "Our Own Jerky Guy*", the seller is Ken Ramsey. One of Ken's buddies introduced him to the art of making jerky in 2001, when he retired from IBM Austin. Ken mostly enjoys selling the jerky to Austinites because he is people person and he enjoys the outdoors, reading, and watching DVDs. Ken sells ten different varieties of the tasty treat only from the Jerky booth, but will meet up for larger purchases on Thursdays. The biggest sellers are Regular Texas Jerky, and Louisiana Style "Spicy". But Ken's favorite is Chipotle Turkey. The week long process includes cutting meat, marinating overnight, drying in dehydrator, and bagging. Ken has fun on the weekends selling Jerky, but works at The Home Depot IT Technical Data Center during the week.

If you ever yearn for the savory flavors that jerky brings to your taste buds, stop by the Austin Jerky's canopy.  Also, Long Horns, Dallas Cowboys, Austin Lore are spoken as well.

So why is this page called Ausitn Jerky?

Austin Jerky does sell Desert Blend products, but it is the main web site for Ken Ramsey the guy you will find every Saturday and Sunday at the corner of Capital of Texas Highway and Wild Basin Ledge.


* not to be confused with The Jerky Guy Co. The name is simply a reference of what people call Ken.

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